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DSV - Danske Standard Vogne - 1:24 Slot Car Models of 1965-1971 Danish GT-cars

My good friend Jan Juul and I have for some time discussed the possibility of making a Slot Car class based on the smaller GT cars that raced in Denmark in the 1965-1971 period. Some years ago we made two Lexan Escorts painted like Tom Belsø and Fl. Rasmussens's car and recently I finished a long-time project of the Belsø car with a home made grp body My Lexan Escort painted like Fl. Rasmussen's 1969 car My grp car painted like Tom Belsø's 1969 car As we felt a growing interest from other racers, and we decided to proceed with the class and I began collecting information of the cars that raced back then and which of them was available in 1:24 scale. We consider to limit the class to max. 2000ccm as the Falcon, Mustang and Camaro are a bit too big compared to the other cars, but the rules are not fixed yet. Here is some of the cars I found: Mini, Escort, NSU - even the Escort looks huge compared the the other two  Mini, Abarth, Fa

1:24 UMI Porsche 908/3 Resin Kit