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NWP2 - new fronts for variable wheel base

July 18th, 2012 Since I presented my 3D version, NWP2, of the discontinued White Point chassis for the Danish WP CanAm series, people have asked for variable wheel base as the NWP2 and NWP2-L had fixed wheel bases of 94mm and 100mm respectively.  This solution was chosen in order to keep the chassis and simple as possible. The NWP2 chassis made by 3D manufacturing and available at shapeways I have been toying with the idea of how to make the wheel base variable and have come up with this solution  NWP2-F1 Alternative front end for NWP2 chassis. With this front end it would be possible to build a chassis with wheel bases from 85-120mm with small modifications of the chassis and/or the front end piece. You can also alter the distance from front axle to guide by choosing either of the three 3mm front axle holes On the NWP2 chassis, cut off the front behind the guide holder. Max wb 120mm. Front end has to be secured by glue or screws Min