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Protar 1:9 1969 Bennelli 250cc 4c Motorcycle

I find the 60's racing motorcycles fascinating and when I found this model at E-bay to a decent price I did not hesitate to buy it. It is a model of the 1969 World Championship bike and Protar sells it as a "Junior" model with easy assembling. However I found out that not much was easy when building this model :-( The kit is from the early 70's and rather coarse with heavy mould lines and mould misalignment on many small parts. The building instructions (in 4 languages) is very confusing and certainly NOT for Junior modellers :-( NOTE: Click on pics to make them larger I began building the motor and frame, adding the front assembly. The motor is a very close fit and must be mounted before the chassis frame is fully assembled. I painted the body parts silver as per kit instructions    I stripped the crome of the wheels and scraped off the mould seams to make the spokes thinner. I then painted the wheels with a thin layer of gloss black and finish