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Tutorial: Windows in Grp. Bodies

Neckcheese Tutorial: Mounting windows in Grp. Bodies   This is my way of mounting windows in a grp body. Others may do it in other ways, but feel free to use the tips if you want to - happy modelling - and take care !! On the body shown I use 0,3-0,4 mm thin, clear polyethylene sheet, but the same principles applies to vac formed windows.  CAUTION: take care testing the techniques below on an old body or similar material before using them on a new, expensive body. The tools used are not for kids and can cause serious damage - and good ventilation is need when working with contact and super glues. Tools used for grinding out openings for windows, wheel arche s etc. The small milling tools is used to cut the windows out as close as possible to the frame (carefully ) and the bigger tools are used  later. The big sanding drum is used for the wheel arches and underside  of the car. On the other hand, the more you remove with milling and sanding tools, the less work you