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1:24 Fred Lorenzen 1966-67 Ford Fairline Grand national Stocker

1:24 Fred Lorenzen 1966-67 Ford Fairline Nascar Grand National car I have always been fascinated by the older Nascars, especially from 1963-73. recently I bought a Fairlane kit on E-bay, so now its time to build a slot car model of this car. Die c ast model of a similar car AMT plastic kit body and JNJ decals for the Fred Lorenzen car. I plan to build a car with a very simple home made chassis and keep costs at a minimum.  The specifications will be: Chassis: simple, no suspension and limited movement of body on H-plate Motor: 18V Black Carrera  Wheels: 17mm inner diameter Front wheels: 9mm wide and 26mm diameter  Rear wheels: 13mm wide and 27mm diameter Weight: aim 210g Clearance: 1,5mm The car will receive a full 3d interior with driver figure and roll bar. Chassis drawn in Corel draw Chassis parts - all extra hardware is cheap German Schöler parts. Motor is 18v Black Carrera which is a solid workhorse, not unlike the stockblock