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1:24 Slot Car Porsche 917 no.25 LH LeMans 1970

Every year in august the Slot racing Club in Neum√ľnster, Germany are hosting their 5l Rennen for Porsche 917 and Ferrari 512 5l cars, both shot and longs tailed version. The track in NMS is something special and worth a visit - even if you are not participating in the race. It's simply brimming with details, both highly detailed 1:24 cars made by the deceased Stephan Wiesel who was a great model builder and also a lot of 1:24 peoples and other details which makes this track unique. The 5 lane track in NMS My old friend, Jan Juul and I have participated 3 times before, enjoying the atmosphere and all the nice cars entered for this great race. The cars are not what you see everyday - they are highly detailed models, as your Concours points for the car is added to your race totals, meaning that you actually can win or loose placings depending on the quality of your car. The concours rules are not 100% to my liking as you can get points for details, that actually weren