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Tutorial - build a 1:24 Retro F1 Chassis

Neckcheese Tutorial: Building a 1:24 Retro F1 chassis Materials: If you are not fond of cutting and drilling a droparm, a piece of 1/16" (1,6mm) 3/4" (19mm) wide brass rod combined with a guide tongue is an easier option Building jig is it necessary ? - yes for me at least. You can actually make one yourself from a piece of old kitchen table, MDF or similar.  You need to drill holes to fix the axles + rails etc  and jig wheels can be made of old sprockets etc. That's the way most of us started. But a "professional" jig like my RGEO is nice to have if you build many chassis and is also great for setting up your other chassis. I am on my second RGEO jig and use it nearly every time i work with my slot cars. Jig wheels are useful to establish the correct axle height. I started out with old Cox sprockets, but are now using some turned in aluminium, which is a nice luxury :-) To get the right diameter - you take your desired w