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1:24 Lola T70 Skip Hudson WP CanAm car

1:24 Lola T70 Skip Hudson WP CanAm car As I had an 1:24 Lola T70 body with the intake schnorkels laying around from Tom Anderson, I decided to have a go at Skip Hudson's Lancer sponsored car for a White Point CanAm car As I could not find any decals for it I had to do them myself, using Corel Draw and my new supercheap Xerox colour laser printer. The car is a light blue/grey metallic with stripes going from the headlight and side intakes. These stripes are apparently stickers with silver "brushed steel" deco. So what to do ??? I searched the net for suitable pictures of metal with this kind of surface treatment and was lucky to find a pattern that could be used. I drew the stripe pattern and by using both Coreldraw and photo draw i succeeded in making suitable decals with the pattern. I printed them on clear decals film and plan to paint them silver from the backside as the decals are applied from the inside. The number disc and Skip Hudson logo