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Tutorial: Resin wheel inserts - Preparing and installing (Scale Slot Cars)

Resin wheel inserts for Slot Cars often need some preparation before installing. This short tutorial gives some hints how to do it. I use a rotary tool in a Dremel mototool - in this case I use an flexible shaft (part no 225) for the Dremel as this is easier for small detail work. CAUTION: Resin and grp. etc are very harmful to your lungs, so don't inhale the dust. You can use a mask and/ or an effective vacuum cleaner (the latter also keeps your workplace clean). I held the mouthpiece of the vacuum cleaner between my legs and keep the items close to this to ensure that all dust is collected by the mouthpiece. I also use an apron which makes it easier to clean away debris afterwards. The rotary tool is shown with the Dremel flexible shaft. Putting a sieve like this over the mouthpiece of the Vacuum Cleaner saves the small pieces from going the bag of the Vacuum Cleaner if you looses them. I always paint the inside of the wheel black with a marking pen or mat black