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Tutorial: Clear plastic slot car bodies - Preparing, decalling and painting

My way of preparing, decaling and painting clear slot car bodies 1:24 Scale clear body + scissors and Dremel tools for the job Cutting out the wheel arches with the curved Parma scissors or a nail scissors Cutting out the cockpit using both curved scissors, Then the sides and front and rear body. Finally all cutouts are cleaned using a dremel and the tools shown.  It is important that all cuts are smooth and clean to avoid the body cracking in the cuts on impact. Now the body is ready for cleaning Tools of the trade: Scouring Powder, Windows Clean with Ammonia (salmiak) or similar degreaser, fine abrasive papir and toothbrush (wife's preferably) :-) First all cutouts are smoothed with fine sand paper and water The the body is thoroughly cleaned with toothbrush and scouring powder After washing with water, the body is cleaned inside and outside with Windows Cleaner This operation is important to remove any traces of mould oil,

Tutorial: Foam rubber wheels - Make your own

My recipy for gluing foam rubber donuts to wheel rims Foam rubber donuts comes in many sizes but choose ones that has the same or slightly bigger inner diameter than the outside diameter of your rims. Tyres are also available in different hardness and brands.  I mostly use Sigma Black Magic or JP as they work OK on most surfaces. Front tyres are usually harder than the rears and can also be glued to the rims using superglue and another technique and are often coated afterwards with superglue or clear laquer to give them less roll resistance. But that's another story. Make sure the rims are clean and roughen up the surface with a file if they are too nice and shiny, so the glue has something to bite on. Wheels mounted on axles, ready to get some rubber on   Put a thin layer of Contact Glue on the rim   Put a thin layer of Contact Glue inside the wheel  use the tip of the tube to spread it evenly   Wheel now ready to mount   Clean the tip and let the rims