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1:24 Ferrari SWB with NWP2 chassis

Some time ago my friend, Jan and I discussed my new 3D printed NWP2 chassis as a suitable chassis for a new breed of simple, relatively cheap Classic GT's. I had an Italeri 1:24 Ferrari SWB in stock and had thought about building it as a slot car for some time. So it was choosen for this project. Some of the Classic GT's has a short nose, making it difficult to hide the guide, so I decided to make a seperate front end for the NWP2 chassis, which also could provide for adjustable wheelbase. I actually made two fronts - one with very short guide lead for this project - and a "normal" one. The front end - also made by 3D processing at Shapeways Vac formed interior. The dashboard and rear parts are copies of the plastic kit parts, while the driver is one of my own inserts.  The SWB with the interior test-fitted. To mount the front end it was necessary to cut of the front end of the NWP2 chassis. This plastic material is some of the toughe

1:24 Lotus 25 with ISO experimental brass chassis

I love the 1:24 Retro F1 cars  (Danish rules) 1. I  really like the pre-70's formula cars 2. These slot car replicas are great fun to build and race A couple of yeras ago I build an experimental chassis, based on the ISO principle (like the 60's COX IFC cars) and it handled very well. I only drove it shortly as I got new ideas to try out and sold it to my good friend, Jan, who still uses it with the beautiful McLaren M7 body: The guide and motor bracket sits on the same chassis rails, while the front wheels  and side pan unit is hinged at the motor bracket The beautiful Dillworth McLaren body based on my Heller McLaren plastic kit Later i lightened the chassis - another crazy idea :-) - but it worked fine - and Jan has had a lot of fun and good results with the car. But time went by and we went from rubber tires to foam tyres and now it seems like a good idea with more weight in the car to explore the better grip in the foam tyres on some tracks. I the