1:24 Ferrari SWB with NWP2 chassis

Some time ago my friend, Jan and I discussed my new 3D printed NWP2 chassis as a suitable chassis for a new breed of simple, relatively cheap Classic GT's.

I had an Italeri 1:24 Ferrari SWB in stock and had thought about building it as a slot car for some time. So it was choosen for this project.

Some of the Classic GT's has a short nose, making it difficult to hide the guide, so I decided to make a seperate front end for the NWP2 chassis, which also could provide for adjustable wheelbase. I actually made two fronts - one with very short guide lead for this project - and a "normal" one.

The front end - also made by 3D processing at Shapeways

Vac formed interior. The dashboard and rear parts are copies of the plastic kit parts, while the driver is one of my own inserts. 

The SWB with the interior test-fitted.

To mount the front end it was necessary to cut of the front end of the NWP2 chassis.

This plastic material is some of the toughest I have encountered !!!! 
- and strangely its white inside....
I tried to boil a piece for 10 minutes to see how it reacts to heat - but nothing happened to it.

I use tape to keep the parts together while determining the wheelbase for the SWB

Then i drilled two holes at each side for some small press rivets that will keep the parts securely. Small metal rods or small screws could also be used for this purpose.

The rivets ready to be pressed in

I used the discarded front end that i cut off the chassis to make a guide stop. It is aligned very carefully and then superglued to the underside.
The next generation of front ends will have this feature built in to avoid the guide locking at the sides.

A thin guide nut is needed as there is not much air below the front axle

The chassis fit the body nicely and the guide is tucked away under the body and not visible from above

Plenty of room for the guide

17mm wheels. For the front is cut down 10mm wide rims to 8mm and for the rear I cut down 16mm rims to 12mm.
Plastic kit wheels were modified and fits the rims exactly.

test fitting with kit wheel mounted on the rim - looks promising :-)

Aug. 3rd. 2012

The finished chassis - note the motor wires going through the holes in the bulkhead

Black Carrera Motor, 3mm axles, 17mm inner dia wheels turned down to 8 and 12mm width.
Sigma gears amd foam rubber tires.

Looks great with the kit wheels as inserts

more to follow......

The Chassis and front end are available on Shapeways:

Shapeways Shop - Neckcheese