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1:24 Volvo PV544 Slotcar - Jens Niels, Silkeborg

1:24 Slot model of the Volvo PV544 driven by Jens Nielsen in the 60's My Neckcheese Retro Body kit. Body is light weight grp with complete vac formed interior and resin details Decals are homemade Chassis is from German manufacturer DoSlot and are a special version made with a narrow front axel carrier Interior parts cut out and ready for paint The finished car August 2015

Tutorial: Resin wheel inserts - Preparing and installing (Scale Slot Cars)

Resin wheel inserts for Slot Cars often need some preparation before installing. This short tutorial gives some hints how to do it. I use a rotary tool in a Dremel mototool - in this case I use an flexible shaft (part no 225) for the Dremel as this is easier for small detail work. CAUTION: Resin and grp. etc are very harmful to your lungs, so don't inhale the dust. You can use a mask and/ or an effective vacuum cleaner (the latter also keeps your workplace clean). I held the mouthpiece of the vacuum cleaner between my legs and keep the items close to this to ensure that all dust is collected by the mouthpiece. I also use an apron which makes it easier to clean away debris afterwards. The rotary tool is shown with the Dremel flexible shaft. Putting a sieve like this over the mouthpiece of the Vacuum Cleaner saves the small pieces from going the bag of the Vacuum Cleaner if you looses them. I always paint the inside of the wheel black with a marking pen or mat black

Tutorial: Windows in Grp. Bodies

Neckcheese Tutorial: Mounting windows in Grp. Bodies   This is my way of mounting windows in a grp body. Others may do it in other ways, but feel free to use the tips if you want to - happy modelling - and take care !! On the body shown I use 0,3-0,4 mm thin, clear polyethylene sheet, but the same principles applies to vac formed windows.  CAUTION: take care testing the techniques below on an old body or similar material before using them on a new, expensive body. The tools used are not for kids and can cause serious damage - and good ventilation is need when working with contact and super glues. Tools used for grinding out openings for windows, wheel arche s etc. The small milling tools is used to cut the windows out as close as possible to the frame (carefully ) and the bigger tools are used  later. The big sanding drum is used for the wheel arches and underside  of the car. On the other hand, the more you remove with milling and sanding tools, the less work you

Protar 1:9 1969 Bennelli 250cc 4c Motorcycle

I find the 60's racing motorcycles fascinating and when I found this model at E-bay to a decent price I did not hesitate to buy it. It is a model of the 1969 World Championship bike and Protar sells it as a "Junior" model with easy assembling. However I found out that not much was easy when building this model :-( The kit is from the early 70's and rather coarse with heavy mould lines and mould misalignment on many small parts. The building instructions (in 4 languages) is very confusing and certainly NOT for Junior modellers :-( NOTE: Click on pics to make them larger I began building the motor and frame, adding the front assembly. The motor is a very close fit and must be mounted before the chassis frame is fully assembled. I painted the body parts silver as per kit instructions    I stripped the crome of the wheels and scraped off the mould seams to make the spokes thinner. I then painted the wheels with a thin layer of gloss black and finish