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1:25 ´57 Chevy Gasser Slot Car

THORS REVENGE My entry for the Chevy 57' Gasser 1:25 Challenge 2018 at MMRK, Ikast (DK) It started with a JDS2013 Gasser Chassis kit Kit front and rear soldered together - motor mount is replaced with a brass item cut out of a motor bracket from a Schöler inline chassis. Main chassis assembly Work started on adapting the chassis and large motor to the kit. I replaced the kit chassis/floor plate with a similar part from another kit as this has a separate chassis frame.    Now the motor fits in - actually I had to completely rebuild the rear part with a mix of kit parts, placicard and vacformed parts - that took some time :-( Ride height is determined with the wheels made for this car. Drop arm added to ensure that the guide stays in the slot during wheelies.  The small wheels for the wheelie bar came from a Parma Dragster kit Work on the interior and engine.  Both is a mix of parts from different ki