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1:24 NSU Prinz 1000 TTS slot car

This project started out quite nicely :-)  - a German friend made a Grp body, so I decided to make a copy of Danish Ace Leif Petersen's car. Leif was known and feared on both Danish tracks and abroad with his immaculate prepared NSUs. Later came the special Spiess parts that made him able to follow and even beat much stronger cars :-)  Leif is now in his 70's but fresh as ever end even building a replica of his own 70's car with the correct original Spiess parts to use in Historic Races. The German Grp. body shell My copy of Leif Petersens late 60's car Lightweight vacformed parts made on my modified 1961 Vintage Mattel Vac-U-Form machine. Then bad luck struck and these bodies were no longer available :-( After some search I found a resin model of the car that my German friend originally used as a master for the grp. body The quality was not impressive with a lot of holes in the surface so this was put on the shelf, when I disc