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1:35 WWI British Mk IV Female Tank in the mud at the Western Front

I have always been fascinated by the first tanks of WWI and having purchased an 1:35 Takom MK IV Female tank and a couple of resin British Infantrymen some time ago, I decided to make a go for a small diorama showing a tank in the mud at the Western front. I have had this idea in my head for some (many!) years and looked forward to build it. I have collected and studied a lot of pictures from this place and time and had a good impression of the appalling terrain the tanks (and the accompanying soldiers) had to face. I had to major challenges in this project - on is my health, as I have not felt 100% fit for some time and the other - the fact that I have not built military models and dioramas for 20 years or more. Since then I have replaced my trusty enamel paints with water based Vallejo etc paints and I am not 100% confident with the modern pigments, washes etc. I began building the tank from the Takom kit - and to be honest this was not a good experience :-( the kit has nearly