1:24 Lola T70 Skip Hudson WP CanAm car

1:24 Lola T70 Skip Hudson WP CanAm car

As I had an 1:24 Lola T70 body with the intake schnorkels laying around from Tom Anderson, I decided to have a go at Skip Hudson's Lancer sponsored car for a White Point CanAm car

As I could not find any decals for it I had to do them myself, using Corel Draw and my new supercheap Xerox colour laser printer.

The car is a light blue/grey metallic with stripes going from the headlight and side intakes. These stripes are apparently stickers with silver "brushed steel" deco. So what to do ???
I searched the net for suitable pictures of metal with this kind of surface treatment and was lucky to find a pattern that could be used.
I drew the stripe pattern and by using both Coreldraw and photo draw i succeeded in making suitable decals with the pattern. I printed them on clear decals film and plan to paint them silver from the backside as the decals are applied from the inside.

The number disc and Skip Hudson logo was printed on white decal film as was the Lancer decal. The disc and logo background has to be cut out and positioned behind the clear decals (like Fred Cady decals).

Most clear decals added:

White backgrounds added:

Test of the stripe decals with silver paint below:

Just painted the silver behind the decals - and it looks actually like intended -NICE :-)

Mixed a light blue metallic from Vallejo Model Air Aluminium and Faskolor blue metallic and spayed it on. Combined with the decals it still looks

like I wanted it - so I am happy :-)

and here is the finished car - interior is a slightly modified Truescale (Lola?) tub:

Chassis is my own 3D printed much modified copy of the original German White Point chassis.

yours, Niels