1:24 Slot Car Porsche 917 no.25 LH LeMans 1970

Every year in august the Slot racing Club in Neumünster, Germany are hosting their 5l Rennen for Porsche 917 and Ferrari 512 5l cars, both shot and longs tailed version.

The track in NMS is something special and worth a visit - even if you are not participating in the race. It's simply brimming with details, both highly detailed 1:24 cars made by the deceased Stephan Wiesel who was a great model builder and also a lot of 1:24 peoples and other details which makes this track unique.

The 5 lane track in NMS

My old friend, Jan Juul and I have participated 3 times before, enjoying the atmosphere and all the nice cars entered for this great race.
The cars are not what you see everyday - they are highly detailed models, as your Concours points for the car is added to your race totals, meaning that you actually can win or loose placings depending on the quality of your car.

The concours rules are not 100% to my liking as you can get points for details, that actually weren't on the 1:1 car. But thta's the rules, so you have to apply or stay away :-)

The first year we entered the 1971 Lemans winning Martini Porsche 917 which got 19,5 out of a max of 20 concours points and landed in the rear mid-field.

Fujimi 1:24 plastic kit and a lot of detailing parts made this a very fine model which had a Schöler 5513 chassis

In 2010 we entered the 1970 Hippie 917LH which were a lifelong favourite of mine:

Lightweight GRP body was made by my German friend Fola 
from a master I made from a Fisher resin kit

This model had working number lights made from 1x1mm SMD diodes and also working instrument lights. Fola even made a special chassis on my request (and sketches), the NSF917 (N= Neckcheese)
We got 20 concours points and moved up in the midfield in the results.

In 2011 we entered the Penske Sunoco sponsored Ferrari 512 with special approval by the original owner Kirk F. White who were very pleased by the model which also scored the max 20 concours points, but we still ended in the mid-field :-( 

This car had the (then) new Werks chassis

For 2012 we will enter the no25 1970 Porsche 917 LH driven by Vic Elford and Kurt Ahrens:

The chassis is the Neckcheese/Fola NSF-917 made especially for the 917

Vacformed motor cover and intakes and ventilator cast in clear resin - all home made 

Vacformed rear underside tray - also home made on my Vac-U-Form from 1961 :-)

Old pic from 2010 - I may reuse the driver in the middle

Nice chassis :-)

Working on new interior parts

One of two bodies made for the race. Fola made some super lightweight bodies, but they were too fragile, so I had to relaminate them to get enough strength to our driving abilities :-)

The alternative - the Neckcheese FHB Classic chassis - another alternative is the superb Werks DSC2 chassis

Homemade decals for two cars

Finished soldering the SMD LED's for the number and ID light - hard work :-)

Number light with LED inside

Home made brake discs made on Carel Draw and printed on clear film that is mounted on alu tape - looks convinsing :-)

Hard work - casting, cleaning and painting resin inserts for 4 sets of tires. Wheels are coated and decalled.

The result - with "lead" weight made from alu tape and valves made from from 0.5mm brass tube

masking for the red stripes (Austrian flag?)

Masking for the red stripes around the headlights. Tamiya masking tape is used.

masking finished - looks like a mummy

Satisfying result :-)

Decals added - right side number roundel is toned light grey to emulate the flourescent roundel on the original. This was only used on the right side of the car and numbersligts were only on this number and the one on the rear deck 

Decals on right side. Aparts from the Marchall decals, the rest is home made on my inkjet printer.

Car with clear coat, ready for detailing

dashboard is my own vac-form - here LED's are built in for the instrument lights

Looks great :-)

Intake cover is also a homemade vacform with ventilator cast in clear resin with some yellow colouring added. The resin intake trumpets are hardly visible inside.


This weeke has been shit (sorry) as all my plans went down the sewer. I have basically been sick since the Danish Classic Champs last saturday and progress has not been as swift as planned. Also the track testing has to be dropped, so we will see how it goes in Neumünster. My team-mate Jan has also been sick, so expectation are not that high. Normally our goal is to be better placed than the year before as the conpetition down there is very hard, but this year this may not be possible :-(

So I have been fighting to get both the race body and our practice body ready, as this is really time consuming and demands some concentration, 

Interiors are nearly ready

The excellent Z-Machine lightkit is modified with extra head lights (thanks for the LED's, Fola), micro LED's for number lights, id light and instrument lights. The extra instrument is made from alu tubing and plastic cars and the microscopic LED is inside the tube.

It's actually working - always an exciting moment !!

The light in the instruments looks great

The engine cover looks great when mounted, but it's nearly impossible to see the resin intake trumpets :-(

photo etched (pe) net in the front intake

Aug. 23rd

At last the race body and chassis is ready - it has been hard and there has been not time (read energy) for track testing, so we cross our fingers.
But the body looks great - much better than feared :-)

more to follow