1:24 McLaren M1A CanAm slot car with clear body

1:24 Bruce McLaren Mk1A CanAm slot car

The Bruce McLaren car was black with a silver stripe with a thin red edge on each side.

Our CanAm slot car class uses clear bodies which are decaled and painted on the inside and I had often wondered how to make the red lines and they are too thin to mask and there is not much room inside this little body. I therefore decided to make some decals to help solve this problem

The decals are printed on an ALPS printer which are able to print both white and silver metallic. I decided to include the McLaren and Traco scripts as well as the numbers on the silver decals to make it easier to mount.
The front decal is not easy to mount and the silver metallic is brittle and cracks easily. But it is possible with some patience. I mount the decals wet in clear gloss lacquer and seal them when dry with the same lacquer on the back to avoid any paint seeping under. See my toturial on painting and preparing clear bodies on this blog for moredetails: http://neckcheese.blogspot.dk/2015/05/preparing-and-painting-clear-plastic.html

When the decals were dry, I painted the lower front and the lower side panel with Vallejo Aluminium colour which matched the decals nicely.

Then the wind screen was masked off and the car was painted black. When dry I added details and installed the vac formed interior which is a combination of my own CanAm driver and a vac formed copy of the original Lancer(?) spare wheel.

I used the German Schöler Inline chassis for 18D motors which is allowed in our 2017 rules as supplement to the previous White Point chassis and my 3D printed clones.

I also make the similar decals below for the MK1A


Se all of my Decals and spare parts for 1:24 slot cars and models


1:24 Nickey Chevrolet McLaren-Elva Mk.A

Body and font of driver insert from John Dillworth, Decals, driver and wheel inserts are my own production.

Chassis is the German Schöler inline

Chassis is modified with larger motor cutout to allow the motor to sit lower and reduce center weight + added weight in the sides and front. These are made from 1/4" x 1/16" brass rod.

I used Vallejo Premium paint for the body and Vallejo Model colour (driver) and Model Air Metal + Model Master metallic for the details. Roll Bar is made of aluminium florists wire.

Added May 2017