1:24 Nissan Skyline Turbo Group 5 Slot Car

1:24 Nissan Skyline Turbo Group 5 Slot Car

The 1982 Nissan Skyline Group 5 car was a MONSTER - Low, wide, wild and fire-blowing like a dragon....  ;-)

So when you have to choose a car for a Group 5 Slot Car Class - what else could you choose ??
A short moment I thought about the Abarth 1000 TCR Group 5, but our rules demand the Plafit Bison motor which is too huge for the Abarth ;-)  - so I had to go with the Nissan :-)

I already have a weak spot for Nissans, so it was not a hard decision :-)

I found the Gunze Sangyo kit on Ebay at a decent price and began thinking about the chassis. The rules has a minimum weight of 220g which is much, even with the heavy Bison motor, so I was thinking about making my own chassis from 1,5mm brass plate.

German Slotpoint had made a new chassis with rear suspension and lots of possibilities for length and width of the car as well as using both 13D and 18D motors. The Pace chassis use my favourite Schöler parts, which I have used for many years and is available in 55 and 66mm width.
I originally bought it with 13D motor mount and 55mm width for another project, but found it suitable for the Nissan and bought a 18D motor mount for the project.

The standard 55mm wide Pace chassis is a bit narrow for the Nissan, so I had to add a lot of width to the chassis. I cut two ½" (12,7mm) 1,5mm brass strips in 70mm length and added 1,6mm square tube to extend the width. Both parts was soldered to the chassis plate.

The chassis is a close fit to the body

overweight - not with a minimum total weight of 220g  :-)

The lead lump of a motor is mounted in the chassis and I have some problems with the fit of the gears. 

I had to replace the original rear axle mount with a one-piece narrower unit and the engine could not come close enough to the rear axle, so I had to grind off part of the rear axle carrier as well as some of the ball bearing (!).
Luckily the gearing of 14/46 was a good choice :-)
Alternatively I have go back to the original rear axle bracket and some narrower rear wheels (hub inside wheel as minimum) - but let's see..

I am trying to modify the kit wheels for inserts

The car was tested with 10g lead in the body and a total weight of 215g on the Retro track in Kolding and performed superbly :-)
Easy to drive and very forgiving, so now I must proceed to finish the body and interior

Here the interior parts are modified for vac forming 

last update 11/2-2017